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Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships

Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships at ASU facilitates one-of-a-kind opportunities for engagement at every level. The partnerships are designed to be individualized, transformative, and impactful. Whether it's expanding and diversifying a workplace, developing novel solutions to complex challenges, or finding innovative approaches to advancing research and development initiatives, we will help you achieve your goals.

Commercial space

NewSpace Initiative

ASU NewSpace leads the integration of the commercial space industry to ASU's faculty, facilities and students, leveraging the capabilities in space science, technology and education and workforce development.

Human space futures

Interplanetary Initiative

ASU Interplanetary Initiative is building the future of humans in space by targeting the big societal questions that will drive a positive space future for all through research and educational programs that engage experts across all areas of human endeavor.

Interplanetary Laboratory
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MILO Space Science Institute

Dedicated to making deep space missions affordable and accessible. It is a mission academy that supports development of a skilled and capable workforce, a payload accelerator that guides teams from space-faring nations from concept and payload development to mission operations and a mission project office that supports members throughout the entire process. See their legacy of discovery timeline.

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Space architecture

Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

The Design School is delivering an MSD degree, Concentration “Space Architecture and Extreme Environments.” It focuses on human exploration of Space based on the existing visions of all NASA, other space agencies, and private sector initiatives as well as research on several areas, such as lunar and Mars architecture. The scope is to introduce students to a broad way of thinking about design all aspects of human habitats in space and ignite innovation by interacting with Space at ASU global network, designers, engineers, scientists, artists, and astronauts.  

Space business

Thunderbird School of Global Management

The ThunderbirdInitiative for Space Leadership, Policy, and Business serves as a hub for academic-industry-governmental collaboration in space research, education, and development. Dedicated to leading-edge scholarship in management within the context of the space sector, the Thunderbird Space Initiative engages the worldwide space community via centers and events in Los Angeles, Washington D.C, London, Dubai, and other locations around the world.

Space engineering

Ira A Fulton Schools of Engineering

The Ira Fulton Schools of Engineering prepares students to advance air and space travel in whole new ways with concentrations in aeronautics, astronautics and autonomous vehicle systems (AVS). Creativity, imagination and research-based technical skills all combine to drive students to an engaging and innovative development process.

Space health


Biodesign is delivering the future of nature-inspired scientific innovation today for the betterment of human health, community safety and global sustainability. Research topics include mechanobiology of disease on Earth and in spaceflight and the health needs from the growing commercial space workforce.

Space science

School of Earth and Space Exploration

The School of Earth and Space Exploration is committed to high-impact scientific discovery. They ask important questions with deep consequences, and their researchers aren’t afraid to explore the great unknowns of the Earth, our Solar System and the Universe beyond. The school builds space instruments and spacecraft for NASA / ESA / JAXA / KARI and international space agencies.

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Space security

Global Security Initiative

The Global Security Initiative convenes world-class, interdisciplinary researchers and experts around mission-critical areas in support of national security. To produce tools, technologies, and programs that are impactful and useful to policymakers and implementers, GSI leverages ASU’s unique capabilities – its breadth of expertise, strength in interdisciplinary teaming, global footprint, advanced infrastructure, and leading educational platforms – to meet the mission needs of defense, security and intelligence communities.

Space and society

School for the Future of Innovation in Society

The School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS) believes “the future is for everyone” including space exploration and space science & technology. SFISis active in space law and policy, and is advancing informal science education (ISE) around space science.

ASU Space Collective members


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Howe Industries

Astro Forge




“ASU truly knows what it means to be a great partner with industry. Our partnership to create a satellite operations training course is the first of its kind utilizing Qwaltec’s expertise in space mission operations and ASU’s expertise in space exploration. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide that same mission operations expertise to ASU’s LunaH map mission and to collaborate on ideas for future missions. ASU looks for the best solution and definitely does not believe, ‘we’ve always done it this way’ is a good answer...They are an excellent example of what a university should be.”

Shawn Linam
President and CEO, Qwaltec


“ASU has been a terrific partner for Blue Origin and Orbital Reef because it is constantly challenging the status quo.  The culture of the university celebrates its students and faculty while always looking over the next hill, around the next corner.  This is a place that walks the talk of innovation -- technically and socially – which is critical in aerospace.  We know we can rely on the ASU community to help us see the world as it could be, and then to go out and help create it together.”


Erika Wagner
Sr Director, Emerging Markets, Blue Origin




“We are at the early stages of mankind’s greatest scientific and human adventure. Past editions of the Interplanetary Initiative’s Futures Convening created various fundamental understandings of this adventure. Future editions and ASU programs promise to be even more productive. ASU has rapidly shot to the top of global space efforts, resulting in leading some of the world’s most significant space science and exploration programs.”

Dr. S. Pete Worden
Chairman, Breakthrough Initiatives


“[The Thunderbird Space Initiative’s] research and partnership development efforts have provided valuable contributions to the commercial space community. The Initiative has tremendous potential and is located in the very heart of the New Space ecosystem.”


Dr. George C. Nield
President, Commercial Space Technologies, LLC
Former Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration